Daihatsu CUV-2 IIMS- 12

Plenty of sequels at PT Astra Daihatsu’s vast IIMS 2014 stand – you saw part three of UFC earlier today, now here’s the second episode of the CUV story. The Daihatsu CUV-2 Concept is a development of the CUV Concept from last year’s IIMS. CUV stands for Crossover Utility Vehicle.

Nothing much was revealed, although the original CUV was touted as a “new Terios”. The Daihatsu Terios was of course the donor car for our popular Perodua Kembara and short-lived Perodua Nautica, with a stretched version of the latter branded as Toyota Rush.

A step closer to reality means that the original CUV’s rear-hinged suicide doors make way for conventional rear doors, while round edges have been sharpened. More jewellery on the face too, while the prominent arch on the tailgate is no more. The C pillars have been blacked out.

It’s likely that the CUV-2 is a design study on the path of the B-segment crossover. Started by the Nissan Juke, this class includes cars like the Ford EcoSport, Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur, all raised hatchbacks based on B-segment superminis (Fiesta, 208 and Clio respectively).

Hyundai is also jumping on the bandwagon with the ix25, while Suzuki has revived the Vitara name for its contender. One that’s coming soon to Malaysia is the Honda HR-V, a crossover that sits on the City/Jazz platform.

It’s a hot segment, and there’s no reason why Daihatsu, which is very strong in Indonesia and Malaysia (via Perodua) shouldn’t venture into it. A modern Kembara anyone?