Proton_Iriz_fuel_economy_ 003

The team is now in Penang to test out the new Proton Iriz. While we haven’t had enough time behind the wheel to deliver a thorough verdict yet (that will come soon enough), we did have the chance to carry out a quick fuel consumption test with the five-speed manual 1.3 litre model yesterday.

UPDATE: Our full comprehensive review of the Proton Iriz (1.3 and 1.6 engines, manual and CVT) is now up.

Over 185 km (from Proton COE in Shah Alam to Gopeng), the 94 hp/120 Nm Iriz 1.3 Executive MT we tested averaged 14.5 km per litre (6.9 litres per 100 km). And that’s with three on board – yours truly, Jonathan James Tan and’s Izwaashura Sadali (pictured driving below) – plus our luggage in the boot too. Not bad, eh?

Proton_Iriz_fuel_economy_ 005

This figure was obtained through a mixture of congested city roads (15%) and highways (85%). On the latter, we cruised at a realistic speed range of between 100 and 120 km/h – between slow road work zones, that is. Other members of the media took the same route too, with some recording better (16.9 km/l) or worse (13.7 km/l) results in their Iriz 1.3 MT.

A second group did the same with the 1.6 litre CVT version of the Iriz, and their recorded fuel economy figures were between 10.4 to 15.9 km/l. We don’t know for sure how fast or slow the other guys were, of course. For the record, the Iriz 1.6 CVT’s official fuel efficiency claim is 13.5 km/l. So then, what do you think of these real-world economy figures?