Theophilus Chin‘s idea of a Renault-Nissan-based Mitsubishi Lancer

Now that talks between Mitsubishi and Renault over a Lancer replacement and Latitude-based sedan have reportedly hit a snag, the Japanese carmaker is considering a partnership with Nissan – the other firm in the Alliance – for a sedan, according to Automotive News.

The aging Lancer and the discontinuation of the bigger Galant is affecting the brand’s Stateside prominence; between the two, the development of the Lancer is more of a priority because of its (comparatively higher) global appeal.


Depending on how things go, Mitsubishi may even end up developing the car itself, a spokesperson told ANE. Plans to succeed the Galant have been put on the back burner for now.

A Mitsubishi source told ANE that earlier talks centred around getting sedans from Renault’s Busan plant in South Korea (which builds the Fluence), but the abrupt appreciation of the Korean won against the US dollar and Japanese yen undercut the plan’s profitability.

Mitsubishi co-develops minicars with Nissan for the Japanese market, and in 2010 announced a Triton/Navara pick-up joint-venture which was later called off – the new Triton and new Navara were conceived independently of each other.