As reported by Autocar UK, Volvo has now confirmed plans that it will indeed introduce a compact crossover to slot below the Volvo XC60 (pictured above). Dubbed the Volvo XC40, the new junior SUV is slated to hit the market at the end of this decade, according to Volvo CEO, Hakan Samuelsson.

Those wishing for sportier models à la the Volvo Concept Coupe (pictured below) will be disappointed. Samuelsson has been quoted as saying that priority has been given to “replacing our bread and butter models rather than breaking new ground.” As such, the firm is looking to replace (and rename) its core lineup.


Two platforms will form the basis for three key models lines – the 40, 60 and 90. In the future, the S80 and V70 will be superseded by the S90 and V90 while the 60 range will consist of the S60 sedan, V60 wagon and XC60 crossover. The same goes for the 40 range, which will be comprised of the S40, V40 and XC40.

While technical details of the Volvo XC40 remain sketchy at best, it is most likely to employ an engine from the firm’s Drive-E powertrain umbrella. The upcoming models, along with the new range of powerplants, are expected to further distance Volvo from the competition, with Samuelsson going as far to claim that the mills “are some years ahead of the opposition.”