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Following the RM8,000 discounts given to the Iriz and Suprima S, it’s now the Proton Exora’s turn to get CNY special offers. As you can see in the image above, the Malaysian-made people carrier can now be had for up to RM7,000 off, plus the inclusion of a Yes 4G subscription.

The entire pre-MC2 Exora lineup gets the same amount of discounts: RM7,000 + Yes 4G for 2014 models, or RM4,000 + Yes 4G for those made in 2015. Seeing that the base Exora Standard MT was priced at RM59,988, this offer brings the starting price down to just under RM53k.

No monetary discounts are offered for the latest 2015 Exora MC2, but let’s not forget that the new range, launched earlier this month, already features lower prices compared to the previous lineup (cheaper by up to RM4,710 in the case of the Exora Premium CVT).

Wondering which variant to choose? Our sister site has detailed specification of both the 2014 pre-facelift Exora and the refreshed 2015 Proton Exora range.

2015 Proton Exora Super Premium