Contrary to what was reported by CAR UK, the MINI Superleggera is a no go for production, as confirmed by MINI chief, Peter Schwarzenbauer. In an interview with Automotive News, Schwarzenbauer was quick to dismiss the notion, stating that he “cannot confirm that it has been approved yet”.

However, it has to be said that Schwarzenbauer himself is a fan of the notion, even going as far as to say that it will be a “great addition to the MINI range” and that he is “still pushing” for a production version. Things are looking less optimistic for a MINI Coupe replacement, though.

Apart from MINI announcing that there is no replacement for the defunct MINI Coupe, Schwarzenbauer himself has stated that he cannot “see a smaller car than the current one”. As a result, previous reports surrounding a BMW-Toyota compact in the guise of a production MINI Rocketman looks all but nullified.

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Having said that, Schwarzenbauer has confirmed that the firm is now looking to shift its attention to electric vehicles and hybrids with the introduction of a model that could sit below the current F55/F56 hatch – just not in the vein of a conventionally-powered Rocketman, it would seem.

Unfortunately, Schwarzenbauer has remained mum regarding additional details of the new model. With spyshots of a F60 Countryman hybrid already published, it would only seem logical for the brand to introduce alternative methods of propulsion to its entire range over a period of time.

GALLERY: MINI Superleggera Vision concept

GALLERY: MINI Rocketman concept