Jaguar Malaysia has released new prices with GST – in a striking turn, all models are pricier by between RM1,000 and RM25,000, representing jumps of between 0.09% and 4.17%.

The XF 2.0 Ti, the most affordable Coventry cat in the local range, gets a RM10k bump to cross the RM400k fence, while the range-topping XF 3.0 Supercharged Petrol is RM25k dearer at RM623,888.

Jaguar GST price list

The imposing XJ sees (comparatively) modest price increases of between RM10k and 20k to cost RM654k-889k. Curiously, the F-Type V6 S is now RM15,000 costlier when the F-Type R is just RM1,000 dearer.

This news comes as a surprise amidst the general lowering of car prices post-GST en masse, but Jaguar Malaysia says the price increases are mostly due to the rise of the US Dollar. Many companies use the US Dollar as trading currency.