Volkswagen may have already produced a Vision Gran Turismo concept for Gran Turismo 6 – last year’s stunning GTI Roadster – but clearly its work there is not yet done. This year, it is adding a second car to the PlayStation 3 racing game, dubbed the Volkswagen GTI Supersport Vision Gran Turismo.

It would be easy to dismiss the Supersport as just the Roadster with a tin-top, but judging from the teasers VW has released, there might be more to this concept than it first appears. The already enormous front air intake of the previous car has been made wider still, and the vertical driving lights have been pushed further outboard. There’s also a far more aggressive front splitter.

Other cues that differentiate the Supersport include larger bonnet vents, a rear end that more closely resembles 2013’s Design Vision GTI concept, a huge carbon fibre wing and deep air inlets cutting into the roof, the latter hinting that this concept could be mid-engined (the Roadster had a front-mounted 503 hp/666 Nm 3.0 twin-turbo TSI VR6 with 4Motion all-wheel drive and a seven-speed DSG).

With the annual GTI Treffen at Wörthersee fast approaching (May 13-16), it looks like the Volkswagen GTI Supersport Vision Gran Turismo will also make a real-world debut at the show, in addition to appearing on Gran Turismo 6 in the near future as part of an update.