Cop shop

Launched almost a week ago, Ops Warta has since saw a total of 4,616 traffic offenders turn themselves in to the police while a further 1,009 individuals have been arrested for failing to settle their outstanding summonses, as understood by the News Straits Times, citing Bernama.

Of the total 4,616 surrender cases, Selangor ranked as the biggest contributor to said figure with a total of 1,185 individuals opting to settle their summonses, according to Bukit Aman. Johor was next in line with 883 traffic offenders turning themselves in to the authorities.

Meanwhile, from the aforementioned 1,009 arrests made, 288 wrongdoers have been charged while the remaining 721 have been released on bail. The operation, which began on May 19, is aimed at cracking down on motorists who are yet to settle their traffic summonses despite repeated warnings from the police.


On the first day of operations, a total of 69 individuals were arrested nationwide. Further down the line, several more arrests were made across the nation with the count rising to 403 on the second day itself. Unfortunately, reports of irresponsible individuals dodging arrests during workplace visits by the police have also surfaced – leading many to believe that even the employers were in on the act, as well.

Members of the public are encouraged to check on their outstanding summonses (should there be any) via online portals such as and Physical locations include traffic police counters, Road Transport Department (JPJ) offices, post offices, Maybank ATMs and selected shopping malls.