Cop shop

The arrest toll under Ops Warta – the nationwide crackdown on motorists with outstanding summonses – has reached 251, with another 239 having presented themselves at police stations, The Star reports.

But the uncooperative remain many, and during workplace visits, the police have discovered many of the people they are looking for on emergency or medical leave, raising suspicion that the offenders want to avoid being arrested at work.

“During our operations today (May 19), the offenders knew we were coming. Most of them were on emergency or medical leave when we visited their workplaces,” the English-language daily quoted federal traffic police chief SAC Datuk Mohd Fuad Abdul Latiff as saying.

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“Let me tell you one thing, you can hide from us but you can’t run forever. We have been broadcasting this for two weeks, but some have taken this time to disappear. I advise them to come forward as we will continue to find them one by one.”

According to Selangor traffic police chief Deputy Supt Azmi Mansor, some employers are even in cahoots with the guilty. So far, only 38,000, or 3%, of 1.59 million summonses have been settled. Johor currently leads in terms of arrests (50), followed by Sarawak (39), Selangor (37), Penang (36), Malacca (24) and Sabah (3), according to The Star.

You can check if you have outstanding summons through,, and at traffic police counters, post offices, Maybank ATMs, plus selected shopping malls and Road Transport Department (JPJ) branches.