“Love works invisible. Toyota works love.” Things can sound pretty silly in Japlish, but after watching this video, you’ll know exactly what they mean. Father’s Day is coming soon, and this Toyota Safety Sense commercial depicts a father-daughter relationship as they go through life, seen from the perspectives of both Dad and daughter.

As life flashes past, you catch glimpses of flared trousers, tartan seats, kimono, seifuku, tyre chains for winter, and a wedding. Enough to make you think about your own life thus far. All while going through a second-gen Celica XX 2000GT, Estima, second-gen Prius and the new Corolla Fielder. This is as real-life as it gets, and it’s pretty emotive stuff.

The Toyota Safety Sense package unites advanced safety aids such as pre-crash systems, lane departure alert, radar and auto high beam. It debuted on the facelifted JDM Corolla Axio and Fielder in April, before going to the Aygo x-cite in Europe. Happy Father’s Day to all awesome Dads!