Toyota is set to roll out a raft of new safety features for new models under its Integrated Safety Management umbrella from 2015 onwards. In addition, Toyota will also introduce its Safety Sense active safety packages in which it aims to make available worldwide come 2017.

Two layouts of said packages are available – C for compact vehicles and P for larger ones. The package unites existing technologies such as Pre-Crash Safety system, Lane Departure Alert and auto high beams. A laser radar system is featured in the C package with the P option receiving a millimetre-wave radar.

The range of Toyota’s new safety tech include the addition of a vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle communications system. Utilising a wireless frequency reserved for Integrated Traffic System (ITS) services, the car will basically “talk” to surrounding cars and ITS-enabled infrastructure.


As a result, sensors from the driver’s own car, the surrounding cars and the ones above the road will correlate between one another. The system then sends out visual and audio signals should the driver fail to detect a pedestrian crossing or if another vehicle is approaching from the other way at a junction.

Another benefit of employing the vehicle-to-vehicle relay system comes in the form of Toyota’s Communicating Radar Cruise Control. With the aim of improving traffic congestion, the system uses a forward-facing millimetre-wave radar to keep track of the car ahead.

The next-gen LED Array Adaptive High Beam is also set to arrive with a wider field of illumination via multiple, independently-controlled LEDs. As well as being able to light up specific gaps between the vehicle ahead and oncoming ones, the system is linked to steering wheel, enabling a form of directional lighting.

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Along with Toyota, Lexus will introduce its take on the safety package with the Lexus Safety System+, which includes a new Road Sign Assist function. The system is designed to recognise almost all globally-recognised speed limits as well as road signs.

Toyota has yet to reveal exactly which of its models are set to receive the first wave of safety upgrades, but with one of the aforementioned packages destined for the compact class, can we expect our future Toyota Corolla Altis to arrive with an arsenal of safety features?