The remaining 78 toll plazas on PLUS-operated highways will be making a switch to the electronic toll collection (ETC) system in two years’ time or 2017, Bernama reports. Currently, 14 out of its 92 toll plazas are using cashless payment, which was officially implemented yesterday.

COO of PLUS Mohd Fuad Khusairi said that the ETC method reduces congestion as it saves time. PLUS toll plazas are able to manage 1,200 Smart TAG transactions per hour and 550 transactions for Touch n Go cards. The figure is only 400 for cash payments.

Referring to the toll plaza at the Penang Bridge where some 82,000 cars pass daily, Khusairi said that with the ETC method, traffic congestion is estimated to be reduced by 30 to 50%. Efforts to get motorists to pay toll electronically have been going on for some time, and ETC rates reached 90% before it went cashless yesterday.

Bernama reports that following the implementation of ETC, traffic along the Penang Bridge was smoother despite the rain. Twelve toll plazas across the country went cashless yesterday.