If you have yet to submit your designs for the Proton Design Competition 2015, you better get cracking – there’s just over one week left until entries close on September 17, 2015!

Remember, Category 1 groups for those aged 13 to 17 must submit exterior development sketches (hand-drawn only) along with the final illustrative renderings of multiple angles (hand-drawn or 3D), while Category 2 individuals aged 18 and above must also provide a vehicle packaging diagram as well as illustrative renderings (hand-drawn or 3D).

Also required is a Design Brief in A4 size paper containing the title of the design, the design concept and unique selling proposition of the car. Do also take note that Category 1 entries must include the endorsement of the respective schools’ principals or head teachers, as well as a school stamp. Only Malaysians are allowed to take part in this competition, and they must possess a valid Malaysian identity card.


To recap, this year’s theme calls for a concept car for a Malaysian family, one with a design that echoes the sort of technologies one might see in the next 20 years. The aesthetic should also reflect Malaysian lifestyles and values, but with a global touch. As before, participants can utilise any medium they prefer, whether digital or pencil and paper. There are attractive cash prizes of up to RM15,000 to be won.

Participants can submit a maximum of three (3) designs via mail only for this year; the entry form for the competition can be downloaded here (BM form here) or collected from selected Proton outlets nationwide. To get some tips, read our previous Proton Design Competition 2015 feature stories – a deeper dive on how to package a vehicle effectively, as well as what makes a Proton look like a Proton.