You’ve already seen the facelifted W176 A-Class roll out on its global debut and the refreshed B-Class before that, but now, it looks like Mercedes-Benz is gearing up to unveil a third run of facelifts, if the spying of two more of its compact cars, the CLA Coupe and CLA Shooting Brake, is any indication.

The two models snapped by our spy photographers on public roads look to be undergoing a few road tests with their business ends properly masked from public view. That makes it difficult for us to precisely pinpoint coming changes on the compact coupe and estate models, but there are some hints.

The front ends of the CLA duo appear to be covered up in exactly the same areas, these being the headlamps and the lower bumper – the bumper is where we saw the A-Class facelift adopt its most noticeable styling revision, and it could be the same case for the CLAs. Likewise, we expect the coupe and estate CLAs to also benefit from the new, optional LED High Performance LED front headlamps seen on the A-Class.

The diamond radiator grille with a single-bar running through the central three-point star remains intact, with no other noteworthy differences in plain sight.

Along their sides, both the CLA Coupe and the CLA Shooting Brake appear fully uncovered and unchanged. Both models are also seen wearing the same five twin-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels.

Apart from their badges being tapped up, the only other masked area on the rear ends of both cars are the tail lights, which only reveal the necessary lighting elements to comply with road rules on public roads. Could the CLA duo here be hiding similarly new internal tail light graphics, as seen on the A-Class facelift?

The exposed rear bumpers on both cars reveal a very similar look worn by the A-Class facelift too, integrating the exhaust finishers.

If anything, we wouldn’t be surprised if the new CLA Coupe and CLA Shooting Brake wore very similar styling upgrades to that brought forward by the updated A-Class, inside and out. And as was the case with the latest A-Class, a lot of these revisions were unique to the individual design lines (AMG, Urban, Style, etc.) available.

Could there be a Motorsport Edition pack as well? Or how about the new shade of green paint? Time will tell.

New Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe spyshots

New Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake spyshots