The focus may be on the Ford Ranger T6 facelift, which makes its Malaysian debut later this week, but here’s an update on the outgoing one – prices of the original T6, which will continue to be on sale until stocks are exhausted, will be increased as of tomorrow.

We came across a bulletin announcing the price increase, and have since confirmed it with the folks at SDAC – prices of the old Ranger are set to go up by RM4,000, across the board. Never good news to hear of an increase, but the company says the higher pricing is unavoidable, the hike being put down to the effect of the Ringgit’s performance against the US Dollar. This isn’t the last you’ll hear about it on that front, as carmakers begin increasing prices as a result of the forex.

Post-GST, pricing for the 2.2 litre line-up ranged from RM76,453 for the 2.2L XL 4×2 Lo-Rider manual and the single cab 2.2L XL 4×4 Hi-Rider manual up to RM101,415 for the 2.2L XLT 4×4 automatic.

Currently, the 3.2 litre model line-up consists of three variants, the 3.2L XLT manual (RM103,411), the 3.2L XLT auto (RM110,504) and the range-topping 3.2L Wildtrak 4×4 auto, which goes for RM122,985.

The Ranger T6 made its local debut in June 2012, and three 4×4 versions were available at point of launch, these being a 2.2L XLT in manual and automatic forms as well as a 3.2L XLT Wildtrak.

In 2013, new variants arrived – there was the 2.2 XL manual, which featured a slightly detuned Puma ZSD-422 2.2 litre commonrail direct injection oil burner, as well as two entry-level workhorses, the XL Lo-Rider and Single Cab variants. A regular XLT derivative was also introduced for the 3.2L model.

ford ranger se 1

The final pre-facelift variant came about in August this year, when the Ford Ranger Special Edition, a limited run of 100 kitted-up units based on the 2.2 XLT Automatic 4×4 Hi-Rider, was announced.

The T6 was last updated for the Malaysian market in May 2014, where all variants were standardised in terms of safety kit, equipped with electronic stability control (ESP), five (as opposed to four) three-point seatbelts, plus a centre headrest and two ISOFIX anchors for the rear bench seats.

It remains to be seen how much the facelift will go for. We already know that pricing for the new truck is set to be higher than the current one – back in August, it was reported that prices were due to be around 3% higher than presently, but now that the old one has also had a price hike, it may turn out to be quite a leap for the facelift. We’ll have the entire lowdown on the T6 facelift when the time comes.