Volkswagen Golf TSI BlueMotion

A previous report stated that come January 2016, a hint of the next-generation Golf will be revealed in the form of an electric concept called “Gen E.” Insiders, however, are now predicting that the next-generation Mk8 Volkswagen Golf will be revealed by the end of next year to replace the current Golf Mk7, which was first unveiled in late 2012. Furthermore, it will reportedly feature a new mild hybrid powertrain, Autocar UK reports.

Underneath the next-gen Golf will be a 48V petrol hybrid system as the main engine option, according to insiders. The hybrid engine is said to be based on Volkswagen’s new turbocharged 1.0 litre three-cylinder petrol mill and targets to achieve real-world consumption figures of 3.9 litres per 100 km.

The mild hybrid system is unlike a typical hybrid powertrain in that, there’s no full-size electric motor. The 48V mild hybrids will provide assistance to the petrol engine through a starter motor/generator instead. In addition to that, the belt, which is strapped to the starter motor and the engine’s crank pulley can also be used to assist in giving more power and torque to the petrol engine when both are needed.

Der neue Volkswagen Golf

Recovered energy gained from braking will be stored in a low-cost acid battery. Aside from assisting the engine, the energy will also be used to power a small supercharger, which is said to be propelled by an electric motor. Rather than just depending on exhaust gases, the electric motor will work to power the supercharger’s blower, providing it with a surge of power from low revs.

The 48V mild hybrid system will reportedly allow for the engine to be downsized. Also, due to the fact that it doesn’t use a standard-sized electric motor or a lithium-ion battery, the system is expected to be cost-effective. It is slated to arrive at around the same time as the facelift Seat Leon and Skoda Octavia.

Volkswagen Golf Mk7