Winners of Proton Design Competition 2015 will be announced very soon. The competition closed on September 18, with a total of 427 entries submitted for both Category 1 (secondary schools) and Category 2 (individuals aged 18 and above).

Designed to instil the spirit of creativity and skills among Malaysians in creating innovative design of concept cars suited for Malaysian families, the competition ran for 14 weeks, starting from June 18.

Judges for the competition consist of heads of various departments in Proton, led by chief designer Azlan Othman. The panel also includes guest judges from the design faculty of UiTM, plus representative from and our sister site,

This year’s theme called for a concept car for a Malaysian family, one with a design that echoes the sort of technologies one might see in the next 20 years. The aesthetic should reflect Malaysian lifestyles and values, but with a global touch.

Each of the design received is evaluated based on the criteria given, and only submissions that adhere to the rules set in the contest form qualify for the judging rounds. These include hand drawn ideation sketches and exterior rendering for Category 1. whilst interior and exterior renderings are required for Category 2.

Winners this year will receive cash prizes worth RM10,000, RM7,000 and RM5,000 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of Category 1, whilst Category 2 winners will be entitled to RM15,000, RM10,000 and RM7,000 respectively. Consolation winners of up to 10th place will also bring home RM1,000, along with a certificate and medal/trophy.

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