Jatco transmissions TMS-5

Aside from the flurry of funky new concept and production-ready cars revealed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Japanese transmission manufacturer, Jatco, has also taken the opportunity to unveil the CVT7 W/R transmission. Developed in conjunction with Nissan, said gearbox is slated for use in compact, front-wheel drive cars with the China-only Nissan Lannia scheduled to be the first recipient.

According to the firm, the W/R in the name stands for “wide range” with the transmission said to have been based on Jatco’s CVT7, which was launched earlier in 2009 – said gearbox was also the world’s first CVT with an auxiliary gearbox. As expected, the new transmission touts improved fuel efficiency and drivability.

An “active slip control” system is claimed to prevent excessive engine take-up response when setting off while the D-Step (Dynamic Step-Shift) control adds on to the sportier side of the driving experience. Also, a compact oil pump design, redesigned belts, “improved pulleys” enhance fuel efficiency by 3% and allow said transmission to boast the largest ratio coverage for a CVT of 8.7.

“The newly-developed Jatco CVT7 W/R represents a significant advance in eco-friendly technology and contributes to improving the performance and reducing the CO2 emissions of internal combustion engine vehicles. The new product will also be crucial for the Jatco group to achieve its goal of becoming the No.1 automatic transmission manufacturer in the world by 2020,” said Jatco president, Teruaki Nakatsuka.

GALLERY: Nissan Lannia