Honda Civic Type R Modulo-01

Accompanying the five “Mugen Power 2016” exhibits at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) will be six Honda Modulo concepts. The six include the Honda S660, the N-One, Step WGN, Fit (Jazz), Civic Type R and the Honda N-Box, all adorning aesthetic ornaments.

Starting off with the Honda Civic Type R Modulo, which looks quite subtle compared to the Mugen concept. It receives a black bumper and side skirts here. Apart from that, the front grille gets red surrounds, while more red is applied to the side mirrors, rear wing and brake calipers.

Secondly, is the Honda S660. The little roadster is featured in a white colour scheme accompanied by a matte black trim, while also in black are the custom wheels. The rear decklid is fitted with a mini roof-rack, which allows it to carry a single travel bag.

Next up, is the Honda N-One. The kei car here receives the Modulo X package. It gets a white paint alongside a pair of side mirrors and a roof – both painted in red. It comes with a different grille that’s now larger, while the wheels are finished in black.

Similarly, the Honda N-Box too gets the Modulo X package. It features redesigned front and rear bumpers, a pair of smoke rear lamps, a black roof-mounted spoiler and a blackened roof.

The Step WGN is also featured in white but with a hint of black in certain areas such as the roof. The mid-size MPV receives a sharper front bumper, a different grille, a pair of side skirts and a different set of rims. In the back, a rear spoiler is fitted.

While the Honda Fit Modulo doesn’t look like it has changed much, it has in fact received aesthetic enhancements. These include dark-coloured inserts that can be found in the front and rear bumper, a pair of black side skirts and more black for the rims.