Mugen N-One-01

More 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon previews by Honda. Other than the souped-up CR-Z Mugen RZ we showed you earlier, Honda will be bringing a small army of N-Ones to the tuning show, arsenal provided by familiar names Modulo and Mugen.

As a recap, the Honda N-One went on sale in Japan last month. The N-One is a five-door hatchback kei-car and is the third member of the new N Series mini-vehicle family, following the N Box and N Box +. It is of course inspired by the Honda N360 of 1967, the first mass-produced Honda mini passenger car. The EV-N Concept from Tokyo 2009 previewed the N-One.

Click here to read our earlier post of the N-One, which has plenty of photos, as well as our brief preview drive of it recently in Japan. I can almost imagine the N-One talking to its owner – look at that face! Cute fella :)