Here’s a unique video by the Japanese automaker that details how the suite of features under the Toyota Safety Sense package works. No need for cars here, just seven sumo wrestlers will do, according to Toyota. Shot on the streets of Los Angeles, the creative ad, meant for the Japanese market, employs sumo techniques, likened to said safety tech.

The first, is the Sundomari technique or ‘stop short,’ where the wrestlers come to halt upon the sudden emergence of a group of cheerleaders. It’s likened to the pre-collision system, which has the ability to warn the driver of objects on the road, or even bringing the vehicle to a stop, if needed.

Hikimodoshi technique or ‘pull back’ attempts to illustrate the lane departure alert function. Said feature warns drivers as their vehicle strays away from the lane. The Oimawashi technique or ‘follow’ is likened to radar cruise control (only available in Toyota Safety Sense P), which senses and responds to the proximity and speed of the vehicles in front or those merging into a lane.

As for the final techniques, mitsukedashi or ‘detect,’ demonstrates automatic high beam. The function will automatically switch the high beam to low, when it detects oncoming headlights. This, according to Toyota, leads to omoiyari or ‘consideration’ towards others on the road, or in this case an oncoming sumo wrestler. At the end of it, the new Toyota Prius is used as the model car to explain the analogy.

Save for the radar cruise control, most of the features can be found under the Toyota Safety Sense C package. Having debuted in the Corolla Fielder and Axio last April, Toyota says that the package, depending on markets, has been making its way into more models around the world including the Auris, Avensis, the new Prius and the RAV4. So guys, what do you think of this ad?