Toyota Hilux spyshot 1

Toyota Hilux fans, your wait is almost over, as the new pick-up truck has been spotted in Malaysia. Previously, we were told by president of UMW Toyota Motor Datuk Ismet Suki that the new Hilux will make its launch debut here sometime in Q2, 2016. With this sighting, it looks like we are well on track.

These photos come courtesy of reader Meeran Siva, who spotted the pick-up at a car wash in Nilai. Although we couldn’t get an unobstructed view of the new Hilux, we do get to see the new pick-up’s various design cues.

From the rear, we can see the Hilux’s new tail lights, alloy wheel design, its double-cab body style and a questionable-looking sports bar (could be an aftermarket option). A shot of the front fascia reveals what appears to be halogen reflector headlights, along with tape covering the Toyota and Hilux badging.

Toyota Hilux spyshot 5

The generous usage of tape also prevents us from telling if the model seen here carries the 2.4 (150 PS/343 Nm) or 2.8 (177 PS/450 Nm) litre GD family of turbodiesel engines, or if it is the 4×4 or 4×2 model.

The eighth-generation Toyota Hilux uses a stronger FIRM (Frame with Integrated Rigidity Mechanism), along with a significantly updated interior that now projects a more premium approach. The pick-up also gains a bump in its safety suite as well.

Excited? Well, while you wait for the arrival of the new Hilux, why not check out the extreme lengths our Northern neighbours (Thailand) have gone to test out the capability of the pick-up by hauling 170 tonnes of weight, here.

GALLERY: Australian-market Toyota Hilux