Proton is on a mission to revitalise its image with several initiatives. This includes, but is not limited to, the introduction of new products, a new philosophy, new logo and tagline, and expanding its list of services in the after-sales area of its business. To get a better understanding on Proton’s bold new journey, we caught up with the national carmaker’s chairman, Tun Dr Mahathir, for an in-depth interview.

While we could detail every aspect of our chat with Tun Mahathir in words, we’ve gone one better by preparing a video of the interview for your viewing pleasure. However, we did pick out some interesting takeaways to give you a hint of what to expect.

In the interview, the former premier commented on the current trend of recalls. With the recent CFE oil cooler recall, Proton are on par with other manufacturers, whereby honesty, followed by the willingness to admit and correct mistakes is a step in the right direction.

Tun Mahathir also touches upon various aspect of the company that requires improvement – after-sales and the quality of products, both of which are related to each other. Among the efforts done by Proton include its new Mobile Assist team and the employment of experienced Japanese personnel.

The company’s image is also a major concern to Tun Mahathir, where long-term negative customer perception will need to be overturned for the betterment of Proton. A time-consuming uphill battle then, one which is not limited to Proton alone, as you’ll find out.

Finally, competitiveness is also an issue discussed during the interview, where protectionism of foreign markets and the lack of protection, means Proton will have to fight harder to establish itself again, and prop up production of its cars.

There are certainly more issues that were discussed during the interview, so do have a watch and share your thoughts and opinions on Proton and its future in our comments below. Happy viewing!