Volkswagen traffic jam treats-01

No car wash this time. In a second instalment, Volkswagen Group Malaysia decided to go up to owners in their cars to treat them to, well, a few treats. The video entitled, “Why these Malaysians enjoyed the traffic jam,” is the second clip that aims to underline the company’s tagline – Always by your side.

UPDATE: The video has since been removed from YouTube.

From the looks of it, the act was shot in-and-around the areas of Kuala Lumpur, and the Klang Valley for that matter. The video goes on to note that Malaysians waste an average of two hours in (traffic) jams everyday – something that most of us can attest to.

It then highlights the main objective of the rationale behind the video, “Volkswagen Malaysia wanted to lift the spirits of customers who were stuck in traffic.” Placards that read “have a treat!” were then taken to the streets, along with a bagful of tidbits for owners.

While some appeared a tad stunned, many were left with a smile on their faces, and the words “thank you.” So guys, what do you think of this latest act by Volkswagen Malaysia to help illustrate their #AlwaysByYourSide motto?