Volkswagen Free Service-01

All Volkswagen owners in Malaysia who have scheduled a service today are treated to free labour and service. The one-day only special applies to all Volkswagen dealers nationwide.

The free service, as part of a surprise gesture, is in line with the brand’s tagline, Always by your side. This was announced at the inaugural Volkswagen Cares Programme which kicked off today. Said programme will be held in each quarter of 2016, as an effort to bolster the Volkswagen ownership experience in the country.

Owners are also given free car clinic sessions, with topics covering safety, fuel saving tips plus passive and active safety features available in Volkswagen models. Child safety and steps to take when faced with emergency situations such as a breakdown or a flat battery are also included.

This latest surprise follows the two recent public stunts, where Volkswagen owners received a free carwash at a shopping complex, and were handed little treats to cope with the traffic jam in the Klang Valley.