Tough news, folks. If you’ve quietly had your eye on the Mazda CX-4, we are sorry to disappoint you here — a scoop from Australia claims that the model will only be sold in China. Little wonder then, as to why spyshots have only come out of the country, followed by news that it will make its global debut at the coming 2016 Beijing Motor Show.

A report by CarAdvice quoted Karla Leach, a senior manager of public relations for Mazda Australia, who broke the news. “We like the look of the car, and think that the styling very much is in line with Australian tastes, at the moment it isn’t going to be sold outside of China,” she said.

Mazda may have only released a single teaser image that depicts the model’s sloping roofline, chrome belt line trim, roof rails and rear wing. But thanks to several spyshot opportunities in China, we’ve been able to show you far more revealing pictures of the car.

Apart from its familiar exterior and interior design that largely resemble what we’ve seen on other Mazda models, such as the Mazda 3 and 6, there’s little else known about the CX-4. The car maker’s SkyActiv-G petrol and SkyActiv-D diesel engines are expected to feature here, offering power outputs ranging from 155 hp to 184 hp.

More details ahead, as we await the Mazda CX-4’s official debut at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show. For those still with hope, know that Mazda itself hasn’t yet made any official announcements regarding the model’s global availability, so you could argue that there’s still hope for it heading to other parts of the world.

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