Say hello to the most bizarre car at the 2016 Bangkok Motor Show, the Thairung Transformer II. Made by decades-old local company Thairung Union Car – which traditionally fashions utility vehicles from truck underpinnings – the Thairung Transformer II is a replacement for the original Transformer, which was based on the previous-gen Toyota Hilux Vigo (the current, outgoing Hilux in Malaysia).

But with the Vigo replaced by the latest Hilux Revo, Thairung’s “Hilux SUV” had to transform as well, and the company’s Transformer II is based on the new Hilux, which will be launching soon in Malaysia.

Thairung has maintained the Hummer-style super boxy look of the Transformer, but the face has been given a sharper chin and bigger grille, flanked by small round headlights that take up what must be only 10% of the available space. LED DRL strips and foglamps on the bumper complete the face, which has a robotic vibe about it. Iron Man? The red-gold colour scheme points to Tony Stark’s super suit as inspiration.

V-shaped rear bumpers replace straight ones, mirroring the front. The superhero-style red-gold theme continues inside the cabin, which reveals the true identity of this five-seater with a large cargo area – it’s pure new Hilux in here.

It’s the same under the hood, where the Transformer II can be had with the Hilux’s new GD turbodiesel engine in 2.4 and 2.8 litre sizes. The smaller engine makes 150 hp/400 Nm and is paired to 2WD and a six-speed auto here, while the 177 hp/420 Nm 2.8L is available with a six-speed manual and 4WD.

The Thairung Transformer II is priced at 1.465 million baht (RM167,046) for the 2.4 2WD AT and 1.555 million baht (RM177,308) for the 2.8 4WD MT. Will this thing find a market in Malaysia? What do you think?