Lanzante 6

McLaren specialists Lanzante have worked on a road-legal conversion of the track-only McLaren P1 GTR, and the resulting converted road car is set for an appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The P1 LM starts with the track-only GTR’s foundation, a 986 bhp total system output from the 3.8 litre turbocharged V8 engine and electric drive system, however Lanzante says the engine hardware was the most extensively revised in this conversion.

Among the changes are gold-plated heat shielding in the engine bay a la McLaren F1, and the charge coolers were modified to be more efficient at higher temperatures. These were done in order to produce greater boost and electric power to retain the GTR’s output figures, despite running on standard road-ready fuel.

Weight reduction is taken even further – an additional 60 kg is saved, thanks to the use of fully exposed carbon fibre for the roof and some additional panels; exhaust headers and catalytic convertors made from Inconel which, on their own, save 4.5 kg, while certain race components such as the onboard air jack system have been removed.

Lanzante 8

Aerodynamics on the P1 LM are even more performance-oriented than the P1 GTR’s; modified front dive planes, front splitter, and rear wing increase downforce by 40% compared with the P1 GTR. Inside, air-conditioning is standard, while exposed carbon fibre also appear on the dashboard, instrument cowl, seat backs, centre console and floor mats.

Having done conversions of the F1 GTR previously, Lanzante carried out the conversion work for P1 GTRs after receiving demand from the owners who bought the track-only cars from the Woking manufacturer. McLaren has not been directly involved, however it appears that it approves of the work carried out by Lanzante.

The LM will be a rare beast, even by McLaren’s standards; just five P1 LMs will be produced in total, compared with the 375 units of the road-going McLaren P1 and over 40 units of the P1 GTR. Customer deliveries for the P1 LM are expected in January next year.