Following recent special-series number plates such as G1M, 1M4U, and PATRIOT, there is now a new series in town – NAAM.

NAAM, which stands for New Affirmative Action Movement, is a non-government organisation focusing on developing the economy of Indian youths through entrepreneurship, business financing and human capital development. Among the commercial sector focused on by NAM was non-seasonal agricultural activities such as planting chillies and bananas, according to Bernama. NAAM was founded by Datuk M Saravanan and is supported by the Youth and Sports Ministry.

The NAAM number plates are available through Anan Motor, a company which sources preferred number plates. The leading plate, NAAM 1, is currently priced at RM500,000 and no bids have been placed at the time of writing. The numbers NAAM 2 to NAAM 10 are priced from RM200k to RM300k. Of the VIP numbers, only NAAM 11, NAAM 13 and NAAM 33 have been sold so far, according to the company hawking the plates.

So far, the “PATRIOT 1” number plate is the most expensive to be sold in Malaysia, fetching RM1.308 million to an undisclosed bidder. The costliest standard series number plate so far is the recently issued “F1”, which went to Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor for RM836,660, topping the RM748,000 he paid for “W1N”.