The results are out – JPJ has released details of the highly sought-after F series registration plates for the federal territory of Putrajaya. The top single digit registration, F 1, went to the Sultan of Johor, DYMM Sultan Ibrahim for the sum of RM836,660. Meanwhile, single- and double-digit number plates commanded well over six figures.

A collector of exotic, classic and otherwise highly collectible automobiles, the Sultan of Johor also collects distinct number plates such as this. He also paid RM520,000 for the coveted “WWW 1” number plate when it was released in 2012, as well as RM748,000 for the “W1N” registration. This surpasses the previous registrations as the most expensive regular Malaysian number plate.

The registration F 12 – for an F12berlinetta or F12 tdf, perhaps? – was also successfully bid for by a member of royalty, Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra Ibni Sultan Ismail, for the price of RM110,000. Reverting to the top 10 list, four out of the top 10 F plates went to private limited companies, with the highest company bid going to Herald Accord Sdn Bhd for the F 3 plate at RM344,300. The last of the single digit plates, F 9, went to Trans Penang Innis Sdn Bhd for RM404,800.

Peruntukan anggota pentadbiran kerajaan, or government administrative officer allocation, shows up in a couple of instances amongst the double-digit entries, specifically F 18 and F 38. These were just three such units allocated for government use in a preliminary list of 47 entries, in contrast with five government allocated “BMW” prefix plates in the top 10 alone. Incidentally, the total value of the top 10 F plates (excluding the government-allocated one) comes to RM3,628,080.