Bose, a company better known for its audio systems, has unveiled the perfect seat concept for autonomous vehicles of the future at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Called the Bose Ride suspension seat, the company claims that it is capable of isolating passengers from road vibrations, shaking and unwanted motion via the company’s patented personal suspension technology.

Why the need for such a fancy chair? Well, if you were going to spend most of your time being chauffeured in a self-driving car anyway, you may as well have it feel like your living room or office, right?

Bose’s creation would certainly help to make tasks like listening to music, catching up on the latest Premier League action or watching a movie, a more pleasant and comfortable experience.

“No one can predict exactly what vehicles will look like or how they’ll operate in the decades ahead, but our personal suspension technology is already proven, and it can dramatically enhance the passenger experience regardless of how transportation evolves,” said Marc Mansell, vice president of Bose Automotive Systems.

Of course, this invention wasn’t dreamt up overnight, as the company has been looking into the technology since the 1980s with Project Sound, a research project launched by Amar Bose to improve automotive suspension systems.

The result of the research was the Bose Ride system, which uses a single-axis motion control for heavy-duty trucking, introduced in 2010. The seat you see here features a multi-axis design for a wider range of vehicles, including passenger cars.

“If there are cars, there are roads. And there simply is no other system that makes a ride — any ride — as smooth as Bose,” Mansell stated.