Singapore matches Malaysia’s road charge of RM20 – new rate comes into effect beginning February 15

The Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) has confirmed that beginning February 15, 2017, all foreign-registered cars will have to pay a higher reciprocal road charge (RRC) of SGD6.40 (RM20) when they enter Singapore via the Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoints, Channel NewsAsia reports.

This confirms earlier reports that Singapore will match Malaysia’s recent implementation of a RM20 road charge, which was implemented on November 1 last year, the LTA said. The road charge will be collected along with the daily Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fees, toll charges and fixed Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) fees upon departure at the Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoints.

Motorists can pay for the applicable charges with their Autopass card or CashCard at the immigration booths. Those who attempt to evade payment could face a fine of SGD50 (RM156) for a first offence and SGD100 (RM312) for a subsequent offence, while those who fail to pay the fine could be charged in court, facing a fine of up to SGD1,000 (RM3,125) or a three-month jail term.

Singapore’s current toll charges (left), VEP fees (right)

Khaw Boon Wan, Singapore’s Transport Minister, previously stated that the country had a “long-standing policy” of matching any levy, tolls or fees charged by Malaysia at land checkpoints between the two countries, if it discriminates against Singapore-registered vehicles.

Meanwhile, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, Malaysia’s Transport Minister said the road charge was not discriminatory against Singapore-registered vehicles, and pointed out that Singapore had been charging Malaysian-registed cars for the past 44 years.

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