Taxi drivers in Malaysia can breathe a collective sigh of relief, as Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) has confirmed that the republic will exempt foreign-registered taxis from the new Reciprocal Road Charge (RRC), according to Today Online.

“The Reciprocal Road Charge is not applicable to foreign-registered taxis,” said an LTA spokesperson, following Johor taxi drivers’ concerns about having to pay the S$6.40 (RM20) fee upon entering the island.

Last week, Johor Baru-Singapore Taxi Terminal chairman Muhamad Najib Abdul Rahman said that these drivers should be excluded from the RRC, as Singaporean taxis are not required to pay the RM20 Malaysian road charge (RC) that RRC is supposed to mirror. “We are hoping that since Malaysia has given Singapore taxis an exemption from the RC, the republic will give us similar treatment,” he said.

The RRC is slated to come into effect on February 15, from which all foreign-registered vehicles will be charged when they enter Singapore via the Tuas or Woodlands checkpoints; it is meant to mirror the RC for vehicles not registered in Malaysia that enter Johor, which was implemented on November 1. Singapore has already stated that it will lift the charge as soon as Malaysia implements its RC at the Thai border.