With the Automated Awareness Safety System (AWAS) – which integrates both AES (Automated Enforcement System) and the Kejara demerit points system – now in effect, road users are advised to check if they’ve picked up any demerit points on their licence with the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

“We don’t want to penalise anybody (unnecessarily) but we need to have this strict enforcement so that it becomes a culture, and it will actually enhance road safety culture among Malaysians,” said transport minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai in a report by Bernama.

Under the new system, road users can be awarded demerit points should the commit any one of 23 traffic offences. There are different stages under Kejara, each with a maximum point limit of 20. Hit the first 20, and you’ll receive a warning plus any extra points will be carried forward to the next stage.

Should you rack up another 20 points in the second stage, your licence will be suspended not less than six months and not exceeding 12 months. Any points beyond the 20 in this stage will be omitted, and road users can reduce the duration of the suspension by attending “driving rehab” courses.

In the subsequent stages – three and four – obtaining another 20 points in each will result in a licence suspension of between eight to ten months and 10 to 12 months, respectively. However, your licence will be revoked should it be suspended three times within five years. Probationary drivers aren’t spared either, as their first 20 points will result in an immediate revocation of their licence.