The Automated Awareness Safety System (AWAS) – which integrates both AES (Automated Enforcement System) and the Kejara demerit points system – may have gone online last week (April 1), but motorists will be given a grace period of two weeks until Kejara takes effect on April 15, The Star reports.

“We are giving all road users a grace period of two weeks. By April 15, we will gazette the demerit system. For now, this is a trial run. Road users who are caught on our automated cameras within this trial period for speeding or beating traffic lights will be sent notifications,” transport minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai told reporters in Sepang today.

Currently, there are 14 AES cameras installed nationwide, but Liow said the number will be increased “from time to time”.

The Kejara demerit points system will kick off by clamping down on two offences – speeding and beating the red light. More offences will be added to the demerit list in the future. A motorist starts with 20 points, and his/her driving license will be revoked once all points are deducted. Demerit points are dished out on top of summonses. AWAS or not, follow traffic rules on the road and drive safe.