Flying cars appear to be the next big thing, as Toyota has agreed to invest 40 million yen (RM1,520,122) in Cartivator, according to Nikkei Asian Review. The group is currently working on a drone-like vehicle called Skydrive, which it hopes will be ready in time to light the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games torch.

Information from the group’s website reveals that the vehicle will measure 2,900 mm long, 1,300 mm wide and 1,100 mm tall. The three-wheeled Skydrive will be able to take off and land on public roads easily, with a flight altitude of around 10 metres.

While in the air, it can fly at speeds of up to 100 km/h, whereas on the ground, the top speed is 150 km/h. Of course, specific details on how the car alternates between the modes and its effective range are still unanswered as development is still in progress.

The idea of flying cars has been tossed around for some time, with other companies like Uber and Airbus aiming to roll out its own airborne vehicles to combat congestion. This will likely require new laws, a licensing system and traffic rules to be developed and implemented.