It won’t be long before the 2018 Audi A8 makes its debut at the Audi Summit in Barcelona, so here’s the company’s head of design, Marc Lichte, to gives us some details about the model’s new styling.

According to Lichte, the new A8 will be the first production model showing the design language for the company’s future models. He adds that the design embodies Audi’s “vision of luxury and prestige” that was first previewed by the stunning prologue concept.

Meanwhile, the progressive interior does away with as many buttons or switches as possible. “There will be hardly any buttons or switches here in the new A8. Instead, we have developed an operating concept in which the new touch display is completely integrated into the black panel surface of the interior,” Lichte notes.

It isn’t just technology that fills the cabin, as high-quality materials have also been used to create an impressionable environment. We’ve already seen quite a bit of the A8’s interior during the “blindtasting” session recently held by Audi, including the car’s impressive audio system.

Also seen in several other previews of the model is the car’s unique light animation, which Lichte points out is most profound when approaching the car from the rear. “When the customer approaches the rear, for example, the light graphics develop across the entire width of the car. This is a first in the industry and an expression of the progressive self-perception. Or to put it another way, it’s a moment with which the new A8 will continually be attracting attention,” he explains.