If you’re not a fan of visiting service centres, the Tesla Model 3 is the perfect car for you. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the latest electric vehicle from Palo Alto will almost never require any servicing.

“The next generation powertrains are designed to be a million miles between services,” Musk said during the global launch of the Model 3 recently. However, this is in reference to the car’s electric motor, battery cells and drivetrain, all of which are newer to those in the Model S and Model X.

Therefore, consumables such as battery coolant, wiper fluids, tyres and brake pads would still require regular servicing and/or replacement. In the report by CarAdvice, Musk also revealed the company is looking to expand its aftersales services, despite the bold claim made.

“As far as service is concerned, we’re adding a tonne more service centres, as well as…the ability to service cars at people’s homes. Service wait times are very low,” Musk said. The Model 3 in the United States comes standard with a four-year warranty and an eight-year battery warranty.

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