Public holiday or not, it’s a Wednesday, so that means we have another round of fuel prices. These will, as usual, come into effect from midnight.

The see-saw trend in October continues – prices were down the first week, up the second week, down the third week, and now, back up again. For the October 19-25 week, RON 95 is priced at RM2.17 per litre (up one sen from RM2.16 last week), while RON 97 goes for RM2.47 per litre (up one sen from RM2.46).

As for Euro 2M diesel, it’s priced at RM2.11 per litre this week (up one sen from RM2.10), and Euro 5 diesel – always higher by 10 sen over Euro 2M – is at RM2.21 per litre.

This is the 30th weekly fuel pricing update since the system’s implementation on March 30. Compared to March 2017 prices, which was the last month before weekly pricing took effect, RON 95 is down by 13 sen (from RM2.30 per litre), RON 97 by 13 sen (from RM2.60 per litre) and Euro 2M diesel is down by 9 sen (from RM2.20 per litre).