Toyota Australia is apparently considering the idea of introducing a muscled-up version of the Hilux, according to a report by CarAdvice. The company only has the SR5 (similar to our 2.8 G) and TRD as its range toppers, but the company’s sales and marketing boss Sean Hanley said they may not be quite hot enough to compete in the long run.

“Clearly there’s a gap for us. We don’t have the level four (a model above the SR5 and TRD),” said Hanley. This comes on the back of recent waves made by Ford with its new Ranger Raptor, one that will reportedly pack a brand new 2.0 litre EcoBlue twin-turbo diesel engine and of course, the rugged Raptor look.

“However, it is clear to us that the demand sits one step above that level three now, which is our SR5. We’ve been able to fill that gap somewhat with our TRD vehicle. We certainly understand that in the future, we’ll have to examine very closely what we do to fill that gap to ensure that our number-one selling car continues to hold that momentum in the future,” added Hanley.

The Hilux is currently leading the automotive sales chart (year-to-date; approximately 35,229 units as of October 4, 2017) Down Under, and the company believes it will finish number one for the year. The Ranger trails closely behind in second place with 32,620 units. Who says competition isn’t healthy?