The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has released vehicle sales data for the month of October 2017, with 47,041 units delivered during the month. The total shifted last month represents an increase of 6,085 units or 14.9% from the number of vehicles that were registered in a slow September.

The association said the climb in vehicle sales was due to a longer working month in October.

Compared to the same corresponding month in 2016, the sales volume in October 2017 was 839 units – or 1.8 % – lower. As for total industry volume (TIV), the year-to-date figure for October is 472,723 units, one percent higher than that registered at the same point last year (466,157).

For November, the association is projecting the sales volume to be better than that of October, citing new model launches and aggressive year-end promotional campaigns as the catalyst for an increase in sales.