It seems Singaporeans have yet to keep up with traffic summonses they’ve incurred in Malaysia – according to The Sun, as many as 37,506 summonses involving citizens of the island nation remain unsettled since 2014, making up more than half of the 61,057 outstanding summonses issued to foreign vehicles.

Drivers in foreign vehicles racked up a total of 81,708 summonses over the past three years, said Bukit Aman’s traffic investigation and enforcement department director SAC Sharul Othman Mansor, with 50,616 of them belonging to Singaporeans.

“A total of 20,651 summonses have been paid, but we still have more than 61,000 yet to be settled,” he said. “There is no excuse for these foreigners not to settle their summonses as they have various avenues to do so. They can easily check and pay their summonses at 900 kiosks in Singapore, online, traffic branches, at Johor Premium Outlets as well as at the Gelang Patah rest areas.”

Sharul added that between 2014 and last Saturday (November 25), police officers have written around 20 million summonses to both foreign and local vehicles, with more than 12 million still outstanding. He said that since 2000, Singaporeans made up the bulk of the summonses issued to foreign vehicles.

Police has said that its efforts to get Singaporeans to settle their outstanding summonses, which amount to around RM4.2 million, will continue. Conversely, motorists across the Causeway have told the media earlier this year that they were willing to pay for the summonses, but wanted proof that they were the ones who committed the offence, citing cloned vehicles used on Malaysian roads as a cause for concern.