Official images of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS have been leaked, and they show a sleek four-door coupe that’s very much inspired by the original CLS of 2005, more so than the second-generation W218 of 2011. That familiar “banana shape” is of course matched with the latest Mercedes family look at both ends.

As previewed by a teaser video, the new CLS’ face features a big three-pointed star logo on a studded grille, a treatment first seen on the A-Class.

The Multibeam LED headlamps here are slimmer and sharper than on the E-Class family, and will be the easiest way to tell a CLS apart from the front. The eyes have inverted L-shape LED daytime running lights as “eyebrows”. The car you see here has nice black multi-spoke rims and matte grey finish.

Follow the CLS’ trademark arch of a roofline to the back, and you’ll find a droopy butt and curved bootlid, as seen on the current E-Class Coupe. Compared to the two-door, the CLS has a larger rear screen and sharper rear lights that turn up once they enter the boot. The latter has LED signatures that trace the shape of the cluster.

The interior is as per the E-Class Coupe, complete with the headlining long screen and four central vents. The latter has ambient lighting in the middle of the “turbine”, something which the upcoming A-Class will also get. The steering wheel you see here is Merc’s latest design, as seen on the facelifted S-Class. Merc fans in the office have also pointed out that the door panel speaker grilles for the Burmester sound system are new – no longer just circles, they now look like eyes.

Mercedes says that the new CLS is “the original, perfected.” Like what you see?