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We’ve seen the official design sketches of the new Hyundai Santa Fe, which gives us a pretty good idea of how the fourth-generation SUV will look like when it’s unveiled later this month. Here are some spyshots that give us a glimpse of the big Hyundai’s interior for the first time.

It looks like the little Kona wasn’t just the design inspiration for the new Santa Fe’s exterior, but the interior as well. Hyundai’s new compact crossover doesn’t just look funky; it carries Hyundai’s fresh family SUV look that will be repeated in the new Santa Fe, albeit in a more mature and classy way.

The pic above shows a centre console dominated by a floating central screen for the infotainment system, a look that’s rather common these days. Below the touchscreen, which has hard buttons and dials sandwiching it, are slim pill-shaped air con vents like in the Kona, but with sharp edges (Mazda CX-5?). The side AC vents are also in the same shape, unlike the Kona’s circular items.

The steering wheel seen here is similar to the helm in the smaller SUV. We also see some stitching on the dashboard surface. It all looks very neat, if a bit generic.

Nothing generic about the exterior, though. The handsome Santa Fe gains a much bolder face with two-tier lighting and a large grille, as seen on the Kona. The familiar Santa Fe silhouette features a tornado line is a constant and straight crease starting from the headlamps and ending at the tail lamps. Big and macho is how it’ll appear. Word is that there will be a larger variant with seating of up to eight this time around. Not long now.