For those who are not in the know, the Honda Jazz, City, BR-V and HR-V will no longer be available in Taffeta White. Instead, they will be offered with the more premium Orchid White Pearl shade – the pearlescent paint was previously offered for the more expensive Civic FC, Accord and CR-V models.

According to Honda Malaysia, the decision to introduce White Orchid Pearl for more Honda models is based on previous customer reception. About 38% of Civic and 33% of Accord customers opted for the premium colour, as well as 26% of CR-V buyers.

With this move, nearly the entire model line-up offered by Honda Malaysia can now be ordered in White Orchid Pearl. The new colour has a pearl effect with a slightly yellow-ish tint compared to more solid-looking Tafetta White. However, keep in mind that there is a surcharge if you want the premium colour.

For the non-hybrid Jazz and City (their respective hybrid counterparts both get the pearl paint since they were launched), it costs an additional RM120, but the bigger-bodied BR-V and HR-V (including the Mugen) costs an additional RM300.

Again, the White Orchid Pearl will completely replace the older Taffeta White paint, so if you insist on getting a brand new Honda car in white, this is your only option, albeit at a slight premium. So, what do you think of this move, guys? Share with us your thoughts below.

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