In line with the Malaysian government’s zero-rating of GST, Hong Leong Yamaha Malaysia has released an updated price list for the 2018 motorcycle range. While savings from its range of urban scooters are minimal, at the upper-end of the catalogue, prices are somewhat attractive for the new bike purchaser.

At the top is the Yamaha MT-09 Tracer, which drops in price to RM48,801 from RM51,729, a savings of RM2,928.06. The MT-09 naked sports is now at RM44,473, dropping RM2,668 from RM47,141.

Yamaha’s ever popular quarter-litre sports bike, the YZF-R25, goes from RM20,630 to RM19,463, a drop of RM1,167. Its counterpart, the XMax 250 scooter, is now priced at RM21,225, dropping RM1,273 from RM22,498.

Budget scooters in the Ego range, the Solariz and Avantiz, now retail for RM5,234 and RM5,536 respectively, dropping from RM5,548 and RM5,868. Meanwhile, the Y15Zr supercub, pried at RM8,361 with GST, now goes for RM7,888, reduced by RM473.28.

Other selections from Yamaha Malaysia’s range include the MT-07 middleweight sports bike, which goes from RM36,604 to RM34,533 and the NVX155 scooter, which can be had for RM9,906, dropping RM594.36 from RM10,500.