The Hyundai Palisade is the Korean carmaker’s upcoming three-row SUV, and we’ll get to see the model when it makes its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in late November. However, we won’t need to wait that long thanks to Auto Review, as the Russian site recently leaked the first official photo of the SUV.

First previewed by the Grandmaster concept, the final product’s design stays rather true to the show car that made its appearance at this year’s Busan Motor Show. There are a number of revisions here, as you’d expect, with the slim lighting clusters being separated from the prominent Cascading Grille, unlike on the concept.

Also found at the front are what should be the car’s primary headlamps, with this dual-tier approach being similar to what you’ll find on the latest Santa Fe. As for the lower intake, a single slat helps to mask the car’s safety sensors, and you’ll also find this slat design applied on the main grille as well.

Down the sides, the Palisade looks like a carbon copy of the Grandmaster, with cues like the strong wheel arches and scalloped mid-section all being present. Even the arching chrome trim that runs from the A- to C-pillar is retained, albeit thinner in appearance.

A noticeable difference between the production model and concept is the section behind the C-pillars look to offer more headroom for those in the third row; on the Grandmaster, the roofline is angled more aggressively than seen here. There’s no photo of the Palisade’s rear yet, but expect a slightly toned-down resemblance to the concept.

The same can be said of the interior and powertrain options, although it is reported that the latter will include a 3.3/3.5 litre V6 from the Sorento. Hyundai’s big SUV will have a cousin in the form of the Kia Telluride, which has made a public appearance in September.

GALLERY: Hyundai Grandmaster concept

GALLERY: Hyundai Palisade spyshots