Hyundai Grandmaster concept previews all-new SUV

Hyundai Grandmaster concept previews all-new SUV

Hyundai has unveiled a new concept at the 2018 Busan Motor Show, which serves as a preview for an upcoming full-size SUV. The show car is the second to follow the brand’s ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ design theme after the stunning Le Fil Rouge (HDC-1), and it is called the Grandmaster (HDC-2).

A grand SUV this certainly is, with a sizeable body that shares a few design cues with the low-slung concept. For starters, the cascading front grille features polygons arranged in a symmetrical pattern although they don’t appear to be “parametric jewels like on the HDC-1.

The grille itself is located within a silver frame that links up to two vertical strips on either ends of the concept’s face. This finish is also applied to the lower apron where a rather rugged-looking skid plate is seen.

The Grandmaster’s profile is equally as interesting as the top and bottom sections of the silver window frame do not meet one another. The former appears to create a “partition” separating the rearmost windows with the body-coloured C-pillars further emphasising this. Other areas of interest include the flared wheel arches and contrasting trim piece that leads to the vehicle’s rear.

On that mention, the rear is largely featureless aside from the Hyundai logo and narrow taillights tucked into the edges. As seen on the front, the rear “diffuser” gets the same multi-slat treatment.

We already know that Hyundai is working on a full-size SUV based on spyshots of a prototype spotted undergoing testing. Compared to the concept, some of the design elements seen appear to be rather similar. It has been rumoured the big SUV will be called the “Palisade,” and will be the cousin to the Kia Telluride.

“Today we showcased two concept vehicles as a blueprint for our evolved design strategy. Making a big step forward in terms of design with the Hyundai Look strategy, we will move towards becoming a brand that customers can really relate to emotionally. Moving on from being a brand that provides a great value, we will aspire to also become a brand that is widely beloved by our customers,” said SangYup Lee, vice president of styling at Hyundai Design Centre.

GALLERY: Hyundai full-size SUV prototype

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