Hyundai Le Fil Rouge reveals new design language

Hyundai Le Fil Rouge reveals new design language

Hyundai is providing a glimpse of its future design language with the Le Fil Rouge concept, which has made its debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The theme here is ‘Sensuous Sportiness’, which will be embodied by all future Hyundai vehicles, ranging from sedans to SUVs.

According to the Korean carmaker, the theme features four elements that are integral in vehicle design – proportion, architecture, styling and technology. The first relies on a common mathematical ratio to create an aesthetically pleasing shape, which is what you see here.

Getting the proportions right involves a long wheelbase, large wheels and short overhangs. A proper dash to axle – the distance from front wheel centre to base of windshield – contributes to a comfortable driving position, while a teardrop roofline adds to the visual splendour.

The concept also takes into account light and shadow to create a dynamic look and forward motion effect for the vehicle, which Hyundai calls ‘Light Architecture’. As for the interior, the cabin’s ‘Tube Architecture’ boasts a wrap-around layout, with all passengers being surrounded by wood and high-tech fabrics that are used extensively.

Hyundai Le Fil Rouge reveals new design language

In terms of styling, the concept is still recognisable as a Hyundai with several cues like a wide, layered bonnet, along with the familiar cascading grille. On the concept, the grille comes with a three-dimensional treatment, featuring parametric jewels inside.

Lastly, the technological aspect of the concept is represented by the large, panoramic floating display that includes haptic technology. All vehicle functions are controlled via the display, while rear passengers get their own screens as well.

Le Fil Rouge is a reinterpretation of Hyundai’s design DNA that originated from the brand’s historical Hyundai Coupe Concept in 1974. Building on our long history of creating distinctive and sporty character in vehicles, we will open a new era for Hyundai design,” said Luc Donckerwolke, executive vice president and head of Hyundai Design Centre.

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  • SpongeWai on Mar 08, 2018 at 12:31 pm

    They spend million/billion dollar to hire a car designer to create a futuristic concept design language for presentation at the motor show

    In Malaysia, the company spend so much money none to create a futuristic concept car design

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  • The Joker grin.

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  • “Le Fil Rouge” = The red string…. why?

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    • Hyundai thought the phrase sounded nice w/o knowing what it meant.

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  • wait…. why the design just look like mazda 3 kodo concept car?…

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  • ---CR--- on Feb 22, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    If hyundai’s Le Fil Rouge concept design materialized metal to metal, I’ll be fall in love. Addition, if Mazda6’s Vision concept design materialized metal to metal; I’ll be in dilemma selection between the two.

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